Timeless Angora Handcraft

This job creation initiative was started in 1992, for women, on a farm in the Eastern Free State.

Currently, we have 12 Sesotho ladies out of the local community working with us.

Everything is hand spun and hand knitted, thus making this a labour
intensive method of farming.

The hair is spun, using Ashford spinning wheels, imported from New Zealand.

The women work from the comfort of their own homes at their own pace.

Each garment is marked with the name of the lady who created it.

We house approximately 300 adult Angora rabbits.

We do not kill rabbits for their hair or skin.

Correct feeding and 24 hour access to fresh water is very
important for the health of the rabbits.

It takes up to 50 hours to spin 1 kg of hair.

Angora hair is eight times warmer than pure wool and the only
animal fibre that is comfortable to wear against the skin.

All our products are 100% Angora rabbit hair.

No artificial colouring is done. We only produce smaller
fashion items, of which a full list can be found under the product list.

On occasion, we have knitted  jerseys and boleros for individuals, but this
is not done on a regular basis.

In summer, we do have organised tour groups, visiting the farm and receiving
an informative session on how we create our products.

We, unfortunately, do not accept random visitors on the farm and we
also do not sell any raw hair or wool. We supply to shops all over South Africa.

For more information on where to find items, we can be contacted at the
above e-mail address.

The beauty of these garments are truly timeless and an asset to any wardrobe!

Product list:

Scarves, Gloves, Beanies, Mittens, Miser gloves, Bed socks, Booties, Hairpins
Flower brooches, Angora Headbands, Berets, Crochet look hats and snoods.


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Timeless Angora HandcraftTimeless Angora Handcraft