Makoadi Farms host various intensive as well as extensive farming activities.

The irrigation of vegetables play an important role in our intensive
summer and winter programs.

Our summer program contains crops like:

baby marrows, baby butternuts, patty pan, baby gems,
baby corn, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes

Our non- irrigation crops are Crown Prince pumpkins and gems.

In winter we also grow cabbage.

Our extensive crops include maize and soya beans.

We believe in producing vegetables with the best quality, which not
only meet Global Gap’s excellent quality standards but also satisfy
the safety needs of the valued clients.

Our commercial live stock contains a herd of Bonsmara cows with
Simbra bulls cross breeding.

We also have a flock of mutton merino sheep.

“1 Cor 3:6 I planted, Apollo watered , but only God was making it grow and gave the increase.”